Sunday, April 26, 2015

Do You IXL? {A Series of Posts - Post 3}

WE'RE ALMOST THERE!!! Just a little over a month and this school year will be dooooooone!!

But I digress.

IXL. It has worked wonders for my kiddos. We took our standardized tests, and their practice definitely paid off. They were all about it and loved the fact that they KNEW stuff and were able to refer back to IXL as their source of success.

Now, we wait for our testing reports come June! YAY.

But let's talk about the final year reports. I love this "overall performance by student" report that happens.
I again left the names off, but you can get the idea from this report. The performance stats represent the following:
green - excellent and mastered
blue - good
yellow - satisfactory
red - needs improvement

If you see, my top student has done excellent in a majority of standards practiced. The only thing about this that's misleading is that that needs improvement group could be either A) they truly need improvement in the skill OR B) they had started the skill and just didn't finish it. This makes for a little bit of skewed data.

That's the ONLY misleading issue that I have with this program.

But I love looking at this report because it gives me an idea of how many skills overall have been practiced, how many are mastered overall, and so on.

This report - what are your thoughts? Would you use it? If so, how would you use this report?
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