Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another Bright Idea: Post It Notes!

So, you're back for another monthly installment of BRIGHT IDEAS!
One of my very, very favorite link ups out there.

So, here goes!
Let me start with what truly inspired this post. I was on Facebook one day and someone posted a picture of a treasure box. And I thought, well, wonder what's in it? The next day, they posted what was in it and I'll just say… it was TEACHER HEAVEN. A box full of different kinds and colors of post it notes. Oh my goodness. Perfection in a box.

So what did I do? OF COURSE. I ordered myself one of those beauties.
When it arrived, I was as giddy as could be. I was so excited to delve right into it to see what different kinds I had received. I'm not going to lie… some of the ones I received, I was like, "How in the WORLD am I supposed to use these? What would they be used for??" but, I figured that I'll find a place for them - duh! 
So, we found out that we could use the post it notes for many things. The list below is NOT all that you can do with them, but some ideas:
-Exit tickets
-Use during guided reading to write about parts you liked/didn't like
-Bookmarks (oh yeah… my kids love that they stick to their pages!)
-Labels for your classroom items
-Notes to other teachers/educators
-Quick games (I Have, Who Has?, Guess the Person, Guess the Word, etc)
-Short running-records or conference notes
-Think Math! responses
-Sticky-note graphic organizers

I want to elaborate a little more on the last one… if you type in sticky-note education on Pinterest alone, you'll pull up HUNDREDS of ideas. Now, type in sticky-note education on Google, and you'll pull up THOUSANDS more! Well, I wanted my students to individually choose a book that they wanted me to purchase (with Scholastic points) so what's the best way for them to write up on a GIANT piece of paper their responses without everyone going up at once? Oh yeah, sticky notes!
Right now, my lonely little sticky note that I used as an example is the only one up there… because we ran out of time, BUT needless to say, my students will be choosing a book that they'd like to be added to our classroom library so that they can no longer say, "I can't find anything to read, Mrs. Unroe!"

I love the endless possibilities that you could have with sticky notes. They provide your students an interactive way to continue learning instead of focusing solely on paper and pencil activities… what better way to learn than manipulate a tiny, fun piece of paper that sticks anywhere?!

What do YOU do or would you do in your classroom with sticky notes?? Share in the comments!

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Once you've done all that, check out the blogs below for THEIR bright ideas. Us teachers have to stick together, y'all!


  1. A girl after my own heart. I am OBSESSED with sticky notes. Lol! Thanks for such great ideas!

  2. Post Its are most definitely a treasure! Kids love them as much as teachers do!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  3. Oh my goodness, I want that box!!!! Sticky notes are the best thing ever, and I love all the ideas you posted. Thanks so much for sharing :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  4. This is happening in my room tomorrow. Looks so much faster and more fun then everyone trying to share out! Thanks

  5. Kid not only love post its but all decorative ones!!! Great ideas!

    Jennifer with Simply Kinder


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