Sunday, February 15, 2015

Do You IXL? {A Series of Posts - Post 2}

OH. MY. GOSH. I cannot tell you all the great things about IXL in just a few short posts… it's THAT good.

We are getting ready to take our standardized tests here shortly and I just have to say that THIS site is going to help my kiddos ROCK the SOCKS off that test.


If I looked at the reports right now, the amount that these kiddos have grown is astounding.

Speaking of reports, IXL does this AWESOME thing where you get a "weekly report." In this short weekly report, the following items are portrayed to you as the teacher.
It includes the amount of problems attempted within that last week, and then overall for the school year so far.
It also tells you how many skills are practiced - same as above - including how many were practiced for the last week + the entire school year.
Finally, it shows the time spent for the last week + time spent for the school year.

The really cool thing is if I click that "view report" button next to it, it'll take me to the reports and I can see who practiced what and how much they practiced. I chose to look at the problems attempted report for Language Arts. Here's a glimpse…
It tells me what skills were practiced, how long was spent on each skill, how many problems were attempted, and the number of students that practiced those skills. 

THEN I can go even further and click on a specific skill. For example, I clicked on "AA.2 Use coordinating conjunctions (Third grade)" to get the following report…

The best thing about this individualized report is that the students names are listed over to the left. Then, it tells you their "SmartScore" {which means how much they've mastered of the skill}. After that, you've got time spent, how many problems correct, missed, and then in all, then a few other columns.

The BEST thing about this is that you can honestly see who is struggling with what skill. For example, you can see that my student who had 51 correct and then 9 incorrect, all in 16 minutes - this student might have been rushing or struggling a little bit. Granted, the grade is an 85% overall, BUT that means this student has got room for improvement!


Where do you see in your curriculum that IXL could be used?? Let's talk about it!


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