Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tried It Tuesday Linky!

Hey y'all!

Who doesn't like linky parties? They allow you to meet new people, get to know one another better, and potentially find out new ideas!

So today's linky is Holly's linky, Tried It Tuesday! I was supposed to link up last Tuesday with her linky but TOTALLY let it slip my mind.. so, I'm linking up this week!


The goal of Holly's linky is to share something that you have TRIED. It could be a recipe, a new technology tool, a website, personal interest or hobby, teaching product, instructional strategy... whatever you tried, write about it! Also describe what worked and what did not work.

BUT, keep it simple - one topic per week.

So, my Tried It Tuesday is going to surround the topic of the Web 2.0 website, ReadWriteThink. Specifically, the comic creator. I chose to make a video about the way to use comic creator so that others could follow a tutorial in a sort of way. I intend to be able to use this in my future classroom or future PD sessions, as well.

Pardon the coughing... my throat got a little scratchy and I couldn't hold the cough in anymore! LOL

The functionality and possibilities that come from ReadWriteThink are ASTOUNDING. There's tons and tons and tons of activities that students are able to interact with in regards to literacy. Not only can you work with literacy, but you can integrate other subjects into these activities, as well. Want to work on science and composting, but want to somehow incorporate writing? Use the newsletter or newspaper activity and have students write about composting and it's benefits, or it's disadvantages to the world. 

So, for my Tried It Tuesday, I explored the website, ReadWriteThink. What have YOU tried? What worked, what didn't work? Share away by linking up with Holly's blog, Fourth Grade Flipper, and her linky, Tried It Tuesday.

See y'all later!


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  2. I keep hearing about this website but have yet to really explore it! I love your video and putting a voice to a name:) The comic creator looks amazing and I know my students would love that! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge and for linking up!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  3. Sara! Sounds like such a cool website! I will have to try! Thanks for your sweet post! We are moving to south GA soon! I see you are in Alabama! We will be neighbors. My hubs grandparents own a lake house in Wedowee! Hope you have a great rest of the week!

    The Army Wife Teacher


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