Sunday, May 25, 2014

10 Things I Want to Do This Summer

Linking up with Mrs. Deanna Jump for 10 Things I Want to Do This Summer!

Summertime is a time for teachers to relax and enjoy. And of course, still work, too. But, I plan on doing exactly that - relaxing and enjoying the summer months! Below is a list of 10 things I would LOVE to do this summer.

1. I want to go to the pool EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Since we're part of the military, I get to go on base now and use the base pool (which is hardly ever crowded..) and just tan my little heart away!

2. Not only just the pool, I'd love to go to the beach! We live 45 minutes from 1 beach and 1 hour & 30 minutes from another! Why not utilize it if we're so close?!
3. We're moving - so redecorating! I can't wait to make the new house look how we want with our own decorations. And, the new house is colorful (paint wise), so it makes it that much better!

4. Read. Read. And read. I have sooo many books in my bedroom that need to be read, when's a better time than summertime to read? Some are PD books, but quite a few are "for fun" books, too!
5. Cookout. We've got a fantastic grill and the house were moving into, it's got a beautiful deck. Take advantage of it while we can.

6. Meet up with Mrs. Emily who blogs at Curious Firsties! We've already got a plan, just need to pick a time and place to meet and we're golden :)
Curious Firsties
7. Go to Arizona. Hubby & I are going a few days early to spend some time together in Sedona (pictures from TripAdvisor of our place we're staying below) and then meeting my momma & sister in Phoenix to spend time with my Grandma! Cannot WAIT for this beautiful vacation.
8. Blog & create. Throughout the school year, I lacked BIG time on blogging and on creating for TPT. I love to do both, so the fact that I didn't do either is not a good feeling! So, I plan to hop back on that train and get to work ASAP.

9. CRAFT. I love to craft and have soooo many ideas of what to craft, just never sit down and do it. At the new house, I have a room solely dedicated to my craft stuff, which means I have my own space to do as I please. I am SO excited!! A lot of the projects are on my Pinterest board, but below are a few ideas that I'd like to do - click the pictures which link directly to the bloggers' posts about them :)

10. Spend time with my husband and our fur babies - this is my number one thing I want to do. These last 6 months, I didn't get to see hubby much because he worked nights and I worked days. But, with me being off during the days, we'll get to see each other often. And, we'll have weekends to do with as we please. YAY!
That's it! That's my 10 things I WANT to do this summer. Head on over and link up with Mrs. Deanna at her blog for this fantastic linky party!

See y'all soon!


  1. I love your list- I think we all want to spend time reading! That's on my list, too! I also love crafting, and forgot to put that on my list. I am going to actually make some of the things I have pinned!

    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. Carol, I'd love to see your Pinterest boards that are loaded with crafts - I'm always looking for more! Just followed you to check out your boards later on :)

  2. We have some of the same things on our lists! I definitely want to spend more time with my husband too :-)

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain

  3. Swimming and hitting the beach are on my list too!! Thanks for sharing!!


  4. I love your list!! I am super jealous of your proximity to the beach and base pool---lucky!!!

    Mind Sparks

    1. I desperately need to take more advantage of the fact that we live so close! Have a great summer! :)


  5. Great list. Take a look at this new Canadian educational website when you have a chance: Created by Teachers, Exclusively for Teachers


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