Saturday, June 21, 2014

Organizing The Paper Trail: A Bright Idea

Time for the next monthly installment of the BRIGHT IDEAS Blog Hop!

I'm SO excited to be sharing this bright idea with you. I hope that it can be of some use for you in your classroom!

Do you always have a paper monster chasing you with those master copies? Not quite sure how to store them?
Have no fear, binders are here!!

I purchased 4 packs of these binders on sale at OfficeMax for $12 - that's $1 per binder!!! And, they're pretty dang sturdy binders.

EASIEST method I could come up with to store the items was to buy a pack of sleeve protectors to place in the binder, and then place the papers inside. It was cheap, and it looks clean when I pull the pages out and there aren't ripping holes in them!
This BRIGHT IDEA has saved me a ton of trouble on trying to find that "just right" activity in any subject possible.
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  1. I am SO terrible about organizing and have tried binders to no avail. I think putting the contents on the cover might help me...well done!

  2. I just love how organized you are... especially with each color representing a different subject. I am always trying to remember which binder is which and sometimes have to pull them out to look at them. Binders are the best for housing everything we need- so I will definitely be getting more organized this summer!! Thanks!!

    Happy weekend :)

    XO, Kelly Anne

  3. I love the thought of content on the cover. We skip around in our reading series and use them for some mentor text and since we have 5 teacher guides I never know where to find each story. This would be a great way to list the story title and book #

    1. along with the comprehension strategies we use for those stories. I could add any extra information that goes along with that strategy... Loving it.

  4. Thanks for the great idea! I love the thought of putting everything in a binder! I was using file folders, but my originals never seemed to make it to the file!

    Happy Summer,
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