Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Reading in the Wild Book Study Schedule (#wildreading14)

Are you ready for #wildreading14!?
We have some AMAZING bloggers and non-bloggers joining us over the next 7 weeks to discuss this book, and I cannot wait! If you're a blogger, awesome! Join us each week by linking up your posts/ideas/thoughts/pictures. If you're not a blogger, that's great, too! You can read/follow along and then comment. We want to hear your advice, thoughts, and ideas for the classroom, too! The more teachers we have joining, the more amazing our classrooms will be this fall!

ALSO - remember if you're joining via social media (Instagram, FB, Twitter, etc), we're using the hashtag of #wildreading14. Hashtags are a GREAT way to connect to fellow peers that are discussing similar ideas.

Check out the hosts for each of the chapters/sections and make sure to follow them, so you don't miss anything. :)

Chapter 1: Wild Readers Dedicate Time to Read (June 19th)
Chapter 1: Creating a Workshop Schedule (June 26th) *This is a SUPER short section (only 4 pages), but a great chance to share/showcase your workshop schedule and sneek a peek at classrooms all over the world!*
Chapter 2: Wild Readers Self-Select Reading Material (July 3rd)
Chapter 2: Curating a Classroom Library (July 10th)
Chapter 3: Wild Readers Share Books and Reading with Others & Conferring: What's the Point? (July 17th)
Chapter 4: Wild Readers Have Reading Plans (July 24th)
Chapter 5: Wild Readers Show Reading Preference (July 31st)
Aren't you excited, friends?!?! It's going to be a great few weeks this summer! I'll see you back here on Thursday morning with your ideas, thoughts, comments, and questions! Cannot wait to work together with y'all to figure out the best way to use reading in the classroom… or in the wild :)

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