Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Craft Swap - Give Someone A Happy Mail Day

First, let me tell you. I had THE best swap partner I could have ever gotten. Her name is KC and she blogs at Bits and Pieces. Before you even move on, you should probably go ahead and go follow her - you will NOT regret it. She also tweets @kcbitspieces - we've had a few twitter chats here and there.

Anyway, we participated in the swap put on by Paige at Artsy Anthropology. This was a craft swap, so I decided to make this for KC!

It's a wreath with a woodpecker and an owl. The two white pieces of felt say "Knock, knock!" and "Who's there?" - get it? Because a woodpecker knocks while an owl says whooo :)

But, then I opened her package and BAM. I got lucky!

She made me THREE different things AND sent me some of her favorite types of teas. Basically, she went above and beyond for me! Lucky, huh?!

The first thing she made was a headband that is brown, white, and blue. I absolutely love it and I think it's adorable. The colors mesh perfectly and they're very calming. Then, she also made some splatter paint canvases for me - in my favorite colors! Blue, yellow, and gray. Perfect. Finally, she made a bracelet with yellow and brown beads. AND it's a bracelet that I can take off and on to match with my outfit, which is perfect.

They are all beautiful things that I know she put her hard work and love into. I know exactly where the paintings are going to go when we move, so I just need to move so I can get them put up! As for the other two, they'll be worn when I wear the colors, definitely!

Thank you SO much, KC, for my fantastic swap items. I love them so much and I cherish them. And I'm so happy that I was partnered with you and got to meet you! You are the best!

The next time you have an opportunity to participate in a swap, DO IT. Yes, there's always some kind of financial contribution to be put into it (if you don't already have things on hand), but you can meet someone as kind and sweet and fun as KC. So my advice, participate!

Have a good day, y'all!


  1. I love the ideas of a swap. I have never even heard of it but it is pure genius! I mean, who doesn't love getting gifts? And gifts that someone else crafted, even better! I adore the wreath you made.... just darling!


  2. I love swaps! I did a Foodie swap for a few months and totally loved it. I also did a crafter swap once and I'm now friends with the girl I swapped!

    Thanks for stopping in and linking up your adorable wreath! I will get it pinned on Pinterest in a little bit! I am following you on Pinterest now, too!

    Have fun and stop over again soon!

    Susie QT Pies Scraps of Life


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