Friday, May 24, 2013

My Summer Bucket List Linky Party

I'm linking up with Hadar (Miss Kindergarten), Teri (A Cupcake for the Teacher), and April (A Modern Teacher) for their Summer Bucket List Linky Party!

Since we moved to a brand new state (Alabama) in late November, I've got quite a few things I want to do this summer since it is our first summer here! What a perfect time to go ahead and link up with the summer bucket list! So, here goes :)

1. Get a library card!
We have 4 libraries within 30 minutes of us and I kept saying I wasn't going to get a library card because it was too far away, but I drive that to do anything else so why not? Plus, there are 29834798 books I want to read so I'd love to go ahead and get a card :)

2. Go to New Orleans.
We only live about 2 1/2 hours from New Orleans, so I'd love to make a trip out there. I've heard nothing but great things about the culture, history, and of course, the fun, about it!

3. Go to the beach as often as possible.
Being that we now live in a Southern state, we only live 45 minutes from Dauphin Island and about an hour and a half from Orange Beach soo I would LOVE to go to the beach as often as possible! I'm a beach bum and always have been so why not use it before I lose it?!

4. Knock out some Pinterest pins.
I don't know how in the world I ended up with SOOOO many pins (bahaha, who am I kidding? Yes I do!)... but I want to go through and knock some out by completing them so I can clean up my boards a bit. Since I've got the time besides working on schoolwork this summer, I want to do as much as I can.

5. Organize my house.
We're still partially in boxes. This is because there's NO storage in this house. My plan to solve this? Buy some shelving to store everything! This should help, I hope. Otherwise, I'll come up with some other method to get us out of boxes and into a real organized fashion.

6. Last but not least, make some more products for my TPT and TN store.
Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth - 
I love what I do. I love making products for others to use in their classroom with their students to help them learn. Making products is what makes me happy, so I'd love to make as many as I can throughout the summer. That way, when I get into my classroom in the fall (FINGERS CROSSED!!), I'll have products I can use for my students, too!

What's on YOUR bucket list?
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Have a good day, y'all!


  1. A library card is a must!! Then if you can find time to read all those books!! Hope you have a great summer no matter what you do! :D

    Spotted Around the School

  2. Would love to live that close to New Orleans! Sounds like you are going to have an AMAZING Summer!

    1. We've been here 6 months, but have yet to go!! It's killin' me, Annette!


  3. I've always wanted to visit New Orleans! Have fun at the beach this summer! I'm hoping to take care of my Pinterest inspired list of projects also.


    1. Hi Krista! I hope you're able to tackle quite a few Pinterest projects. I know I'd LOVE to knock out at least 10, if not more! :)


  4. Love the new blog design! I can't believe you don't have a library card, you really must get one! I hope to get some extra shelving in my basement for storage this summer too - I hope we both can cross that off our Summer Bucket List!

  5. I need to go get my youngest child a library card. We can't wait to head to the beach. We usually go to Panama City Beach or Destin, Fl. Orange Beach is about a 4 hour trip for me, so we haven't been there in several years. Your blog design is adorable!

    Adventures in First with Mrs. Key

  6. I LOVE your new blog design! That's on my bucket list for the summer. And you must live super close to my sister (she's in Gulfport, MS). Enjoy your first summer down in the deep south. Alabama beaches are the best!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  7. CUTE BLOG DESIGN! wendy


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