Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Winner of Day 5 & Teacher Product Tuesday - {Dry Erase Pockets}

First of all, I know what y'all are waiting for. I hate waiting to find out, too, so here it is...
Congrats, Emily! She's got loads of goodies coming her way and boy... am I jealous of that Target gift card! Dollar Spot all the way ;) Check back tomorrow for the last day's winner! Cannot wait to see who it is.
Do you have those times when you dread making copies of a product you've printed out or you handed out your key on accident and it's written all over?? Yep.. I've been there.

SO, MyBinding.com contacted me a while back (like... a BIG TIME while back) and asked if I'd be interested in reviewing their C-Line 9x12 Dry Erase Pockets, which can be found here.

I decided to go ahead and give them a whirl.

I printed out a page from my soon-to-be-listed NEW pack Math Jokes, which is an addition and subtraction pack that has a total of 30 practice pages, 10 all addition, 10 all subtraction, and 10 mixed. Each page has 18 different problems (that go from sums and differences of 1 to 100) and then students have to figure out the riddle at the bottom of the page using the codes to the right of the page.

Anyways, I put it in the dry erase pocket and got to work.
Slide your page in. The obviously nice thing about these pockets is that they can be used horizontally or vertically.
Then, I went ahead and completed one of the addition pages. I wrote directly on the pocket with a dry erase marker with ease. It glided right over the material as though it were a dry erase board - only it was more personal! 
Then, I wanted to erase. Sometime when you have a dry erase board or pocket, erasing is a PAIN IN THE BUTT. I mean a pain... it leaves residue behind, it doesn't wipe off easily, you can still see an outline of the pen... NOPE. Not with these. 
With one swipe of a tissue, it came off SO cleanly, you wouldn't even know I wrote on the pocket.

And, because I wrote on the pocket and not the paper, I can reuse this SAME piece of paper from year to year!! Saves me not only ink from having to reprint BUT it also saves me some time of having to reprint, too!

Some ideas for how to use these in the class are...

Use in centers - have kiddos place the writing for the day or the math problems for the day in the pocket. You can check it over (if you so choose) and then wipe it away for the next kiddo to use!

Use when testing reading - you can slide one in a pocket for your kiddos and one for you, and your kiddos can underline or circle words they may not understand. This gives you, as the teacher, an idea of what students may need reviews on and what they could improve.

As for at home... the possibilities are endless, too!

Lists - put a piece of blank paper in the packs and use it as a list. Grocery list. Menu planner. To-do list. Anything!

Drawing - have your kiddos go to town with dry erase markers! Gives them a place to draw, draw, draw and it'll stay off the walls ;)

The other thing I love about these is that they can be stored in a simple place as they're all very thin. You can pull them out and have kiddos use them at their desks instead of trying to fit everyone up at the board. This way, everyone gets to participate, including that child that is too nervous to go to the board!

So, how would YOU use these in your classroom or your home? Let me know in the comments. I'd love to hear lots of your ideas - I know y'all have some! :)
**All opinions expressed on this product are of my own. MyBinding.com supplied me with free product to review, but opinions are 100% my own.**


  1. I don't have these specific ones, but I have some that are similar and L-O-V-E them! SO versatile, so many uses, and saves on copies especially at the secondary level where I am!

    1. Danielle, what grade are you in? And what subject?? Would love to hear more about how you use them at the secondary level (which is SO smart!)!


  2. One of my team mates has these and they are great! They can be used in so many different ways! I would probably use them in centers or as morning work!

    Karmens Kinders

    1. Karmen, morning work is SUCH a great idea. In my internship, we had morning work and we printed it out for each kiddo. Then, my mentor did this again the following year. We also had "copy clicks" which is a limited number of copies we can make throughout the year If she would have had these... she could have used those copies for other fun things instead! Good idea :)


  3. I LOVE using these!! They have made things so much easier!!! :)

    All Things Apple in 2nd


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