Monday, June 17, 2013

Winners Day 3 and 4 & Monday Made It {Party Puffs}

OH man, what a weekend! Swimming and sun, dehydration, research papers, homework... LOADS of sleep. It's been a long one but I am BACK.

And I owe you all TWO announcements of winners, so it's my pleasure to announce...

Congrats Lori & Robin! An e-mail has been sent to both of these ladies so they're going to have LOADS and LOADS of goodies being sent their way and I couldn't be more excited!

So, since I missed my Summer Reading Sunday, I'm going to have to make it up on Wild Card Wednesday this week... I spent OVER 11 hours on my research paper yesterday. ELEVEN HOURS. Yep... it was loads of fun. Come Wednesday, you'll catch a glimpse of some of my favorite reads :)

But now, it's time for..
Mondays are my favorite when it comes to summertime. During the school year... ehhh not so much. But when summer starts, AH, Mondays are like music to my ears!

How do you keep classroom management issues to a minimum in your classroom? Me, I like to use positive reinforcement and sometimes, I like to use rewards. So, for the reward portion, I decided I wanted to make a party reward jar.

I have a Cricut machine that I use when scrapbooking and decided to buy some vinyl when I was at The Lob (which is slang for Hobby Lobby). I also bought a jar and some pom poms. All of which were on sale. Heck yes!
I decided to use all this to make a fuzzy pom pom reward jar. I couldn't think of a creative name so I decided to label it with "Party Puffs."

First, cut out what words you want on your vinyl. I chose black vinyl because it would be best seen against all the bright colors of the pom poms.
Once you've got what you want cut out, start peeling off the backing and place on your jar in the order you want!
Tada! All finished!
Students will earn pom poms (or puffs) when they are behaving as they should (listening to directions, are on task, not misbehaving, were great when subs were here while I was out, etc.), receive a compliment from another staff member, and are exhibiting other such classroom behaviors.

The pom poms will start out in a plain jar will be transferred to the "Party Pals" jar. There are 100 pom poms and all pom poms must be in the jar in order to receive the party. It's an incentive for them to want to behave. BUT, pom poms can also be taken away... which is the classroom management - positive negative part.

But, I know that using rewards ALL. THE. TIME. is not the best resource. This is why I will not utilize ONLY this jar as my classroom management system, but I will use it as something that is fun AND rewarding AND engaging for my students. Just something a little extra :)

So, what did YOU make this week??

Link up with Tara by clicking the Monday Made It button above!

See y'all tomorrow for Teacher Product Tuesday!


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I am very excited to get all my stuff!

    Fun times.

    1. You are so very welcome, Robin! :)


  2. Love it! I've never tried vinyl on the cricut. I have the very first one ... it's a small version and never have really used it. I think I'm going to give it a whirl.
    Thanks for the ideas.

  3. Super cute idea! I makes me want to pull out my Cricut and buy some vinyl too:)

    The Resourceful Apple

  4. Hahaha! I love the name :) I've never used vinyl on my Cricut but I need to!

    Journey Of A Substitute Teacher

  5. Seriously obsessed with the party puffs! Too cute!

    Way to rock that research paper! 11 hours! That's serious dedication right there!

    The Polished Teacher

  6. I love how you call them Party Puffs!! --Perfect!! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  7. I LOVE the name party puff...I have the class jar with pom poms but it didn't have a cute name! Thanks for the idea! Excited to follow you you!
    Two Friends In First

  8. Super cute Puffy title. I juts need a cricut to make this cool project :)
    My Second Sense


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