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Winner of Day 6 & Technology Thursday - {Bloglovin'}

What y'all have been waiting for... an announcement of the final winner!
Congrats, LaKeita!! Boy... am I JEALOUS of all those goodies she's getting!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make my one year blogiversary SUCH a great experience. I met so many new people in such a short time and I hope that y'all will stick around to next year's blogiversary - Year 2! :)
So.. I know, it's all the rage and I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

Google Reader will be going kaput... disappearing... vanishing... SHUT DOWN.. on July 1st. Yep, this July 1st.

So, if you read your blogs through Google Reader (some people did, some people didn't... just depends on how ya like to read your blogs), you're going to need a new method.

And I'm here to tell ya all about this new method for our TECHNOLOGY THURSDAY post!

So, a lot of us bloggers headed on over to BLOGLOVIN'.

What is Bloglovin'?
Bloglovin' is a reader, similar to Google Reader. You can see all your blogs in ONE place simply by giving them a "follow" on bloglovin.

Everyone is moving their readers over to other sources such as Feedly or Bloglovin'. But personally, I think Bloglovin' is one of the best choices. I have been on Bloglovin' for the last year (ever since I started blogging) and have thoroughly been impressed. It was the only way that I read blogs... I never used GReader.

BUT, say you follow hundreds of blogs... that's going to be a LOT to import one at a time by hitting the follow button on


There's an easy peasy way to transfer all your followings that you have to Bloglovin' in a few easy steps, which I'll show ya below.

FIRST - Sign up for Bloglovin'. You can do so with your e-mail address or your Facebook profile - whatever you wanna do! But know that if you do with your Facebook profile, it will pull your information from your Facebook. 

THEN - You'll be prompted to import your blogs from Google Reader. Follow the simple steps to do so. 
Choose from which area - likely Google Reader.
Click accept when this pops up. It's just accessing your blogs that you follow on Google Reader
THEN you get this lovely status bar. I follow far more blogs than I thought I did.. so it may take a bit to import.
Enjoy reading your blogs in the same way you would have on GReader!

Cool thing about Bloglovin' that I like is that you can see how many unread posts you have at the top in the name of the website OR along the right side.

As you can see from my number of unread posts (3853), I'm a BIT behind on blog reading BUT I read a lot of posts by going directly to the blogs.

The other cool thing about Bloglovin' is you can see some details of the blog post without going. If something catches your interest, click on it! If not, click "mark as read" and move on.

You can also see how many people "like" a blog post or you can "like" blog posts to come back to them later... kind of like repinning something on Pinterest in a way!

OR you can share directly from Bloglovin'. Find a post you like? Share it with some friends!

Want to find out more about Bloglovin'?
MANY bloggers have posted their version or take on Bloglovin' - some have tutorials for setting up your profile, some have tricks of the trade (that I have yet to learn), and some even have tutorials for adding your own blog to Bloglovin'!

Check out some of these posts:

A little more indepth of what I did above!

Jivey gives us some hints, tricks, and some more details about Bloglovin' - check it out!

Once you've done all that above... make sure to follow me on Bloglovin' so you don't miss a thing!! I'd hate to have y'all miss some posts :)

TO FOLLOW: Scroll back up and look for my "+Follow this blog with bloglovin'" button on the upper right, directly below my other Social Media icons. 

REMEMBER: You have to click that blue FOLLOW button once it takes you to my blog's Bloglovin' page. It's easy peasy!

I hope this helped out some people and I hope some of y'all might have learned something new!

See y'all tomorrow for the second week of Feature Teacher Friday!! :)


  1. Thanks for this post! I am SO anxious about the switch, but all ya great bloggers are easing my nerves :) Thanks!! I posted about technology today, too! You should make yours a linky party :)


  2. Hmm..Okay, so this may be a silly question but I have NO idea. I just go to and I follow my blogs through that the same or different from goole reader?? Will I still be able to follow through blogger?
    Thanks so much!!
    Teaching in Paradise

    1. NOT a silly question! This is through reading list ON Blogger. I believe (I'm not positive though) this is a totally different thing than Google Reader. BUT if I were you, to be on the safe side, as we are NEVER sure when things are going to be taken away or kept (like we still don't know if Google Friend Connect, the widget up there under "Follow Me" that counts how many followers a blog has, will stay or not when Google Reader goes), I would locate a new way to read blogs. Bloglovin' is VERY simple to transfer over your blogs that you read... a couple easy steps and the hassle is done - but then you have to remember to go to Bloglovin' to read your blogs. BUT, it's a great layout and is very user friendly, and their customer service rocks!

      I hope that helps, Courtney! Let me know if you have any other questions.


  3. Hi Sara,
    Thanks for this post. I made the switch last night-thanks to your post. Beth

    1. Glad to hear this, Beth! How did the transition go?? What do you think of Bloglovin'?


  4. Thank you for this post! It finally gave me the motivation to get my butt in gear and set up on Bloglovin'. Verifying my blog and getting set up took less than 10 minutes. :)

    1. Good to hear, Heather! Glad it was a seamless transition :)



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