Monday, November 19, 2012

5 for Five - {Week 6}

Welcome to week 6 of the 5 for Five link up with Jenn & Jessica! I am SO proud of myself - I completed ALL. FIVE. GOALS. How amazing is that!!!

My goals for last week were:

1. Finish all work for one of my classes. This was done early in the week. I had to get it all done before the move, otherwise I wouldn't have done it!

2. Finish packing for our move next (this) Wednesday. Okay, okay. 95% done packing. BUT, still did it!!

3. Finish my inquiry lesson plan. This was 6 hours of my time, but it's finished!

4. Complete my resource Wikispace for a class. This was close to 20 hours of my time, but again, it's finished!!

5. Make my advent calendar and mail it out. LOVE how it turned out. You'll have to stay tuned to see how it turned out if Sue blogs about it :)

ALL. FIVE. GOALS! Perfect! This week's goals are a bit more simple, but still goals.

1. Pack the truck all the way full. This is going to take FOREVER, but we'll get it done!

2. Read a book all the way through. I'm going to have nothing to do this week besides create TPT products, so I'm going to read through one of my Kindle books.

3. Bake/cook for Thanksgiving with Simone. Our friends are hosting Thanksgiving at their house because none of us are going home, so I'm going to help her and actually make something, I hope!

4. Find a house or apartment. We're moving. I want a place to live. Enough said!

5. Create 3 resources for TeachersPayTeachers. I reaaaally have been slacking on creating products for TPT, so I need to get on this.

What are YOUR goals this week??

Have a good day, y'all!


  1. I hate packing its the pits. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Five out of five?! Girl you're awesome!!! Great goals this week too! Excited to hear how they went!!!

  3. I've been going backwards through your blog and digging for more clues as to who you are and what kind of book you'll like! So much fun! I taught a summer school program this year and really enjoyed it but also thought teaching was so emotional! You are one brave lady!
    I also love the idea of a small goal list like this each week. =]


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