Sunday, November 25, 2012

TPT Cyber Monday & Tuesday Sale!

Whaaaaaat?! You have NOT heard of the ginormous sale at TPT that's happening tomorrow and Tuesday?! Oh good golly, Molly!

Make sure your carts are filled to the brim as you'll get up to 28% off of your entire purchase with the code by TPT and sales by sellers. WHAT?! Now that's a savings! There are some amazing products out there and I cannot wait to get my cart bought.

Since I'm including myself in on this sale, make sure you check out the NEW products I'll be adding to the store the next few days. I don't have much (moving is taking a huuuuge chunk out of my life right now), but I've got a few things I'll be adding!

Make sure you enter CMT12 at the end to receive your additional 10% off from TPT - you'll get 20% from myself already - Monday, November 26th and Tuesday, November 27th! Sale starts at midnight!


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