Thursday, June 14, 2012

cake, memories, and super summer schedule

I've been trying to keep myself busy this week because I've had nothing to do! This is my week break from Spring Quarter classes to Summer Quarter classes. I'm not starting my volunteer position until Monday, so I've had this entire week to just do what I want. Believe me, I am BORED. I have to keep myself busy or else I get bored quickly, and well, I'm getting bored. SO, I had lunch today with my little, Melanie, and we traded presents. I gave her the "M" frame that I made for her (and made another one with a "U" for Cody and I) and she gave me my graduation present. Boy, was I surprised! It's a SUPPLY CAKE!! Such a creative, cute, and crafty thing to do. From what I can tell, it's made of 3 layers. The first layer is of glue and a Tissue box. The second layer is of glue sticks. The third layer is of crayons. All of these supplies are a teacher's dream, as they are the supplies that are used the quickest!! I'm so lucky to have amazing friends and family in my life that support my future career choice. Thank you, Melly!!

I think she got the idea off Pinterest (shhh) but I love it nonetheless!

Miss V. ~ that's me!! :]

I've also kept myself busy by doing various art projects. I started out with the "M" frame, then the "U" frame, and now I've made a memory box. I got the idea from this picture. That picture is of ticket stubs or "admit one" stubs, but I chose to make my memory box for all kinds of memories. Most of them will be "tickets" such as movie tickets, UC tickets, plane tickets, admission tickets to theme parks/zoos/etc, and so forth. My plan is to do this every year so that way I can see/reflect back upon all the different things I had done the entire year.

So, here's what I made! I apologize for the glare/reflection. The glass is just too shiny! I used stickers from Hobby Lobby and the shadowbox frame from Michaels. I'm going to have Jeff drill a square hole at the top so I can just slide in my tickets and other types of memories!

My first "memories" were the tickets that Aunt Julie and my second mom, Nancy, wrote on for graduation! They say congrats and love you, so they are definitely memory keepers. I guess it can also stand for a memory because the tickets were for graduation.... :]

Finally, I took this SUPER SUMMER SCHEDULE from Remarkable Home. I absolutely LOVE this idea. It's an easy way to keep myself busy throughout the summer. I'm going to start next Monday!

On Monday, I vow to make something. This can be the day that I craft! I will reserve recipes, unlike what it says above, for Wednesday. I'll talk to you all about that in a few! I will make as many crafts as I can, but try to conserve funds. This will be good for presents for others, decorations for my future house, and so forth.

On Tuesday, I will take a trip somewhere. There are TONS of parks within Cincinnati, and a lot of things I have on my bucket list that I want to do. I always feel bad for the people that go to the movies by themselves or out to eat (because I want to join them!!), but I think I'm going to try it. This will be the day where it's "me" time and I can go ahead and explore Cincinnati while I have the time left.

On Wednesday, I'm actually going to be doing something different. To be able to join any of the pools down here, you have to have a membership. The water parks are quite expensive and the splash pads are designed more for younger kids. So, instead, I will rename this day WHAT'S COOKING WEDNESDAY. I have tons and tons and tons of recipes on Pinterest that I want to try out. This can be baking or cooking, whichever I want to do at that moment!

On Thursday, I'm going to try and do many different things that require thinking. I've found a ton of different websites that I'd like to explore so that way I know how to use them in my future classroom. There's also a lot of different books that I want to read, which requires thinking. I do vow, though, that if I'm going to read on Thursday, I must do it outside. This will keep me from staying inside all day. I can always go on campus and read, or go out on my porch, basically just get outside!

On Friday, it's going to be my Friday Fun Day! This will be the day, rather than doing something from Pinterest, that I knock something off my bucket list. This will not only reduce the amount of things I have on my bucket list (and I have a LOT), but it will also provide some fun!

So, that's all I've got for ya. If you want to join in on this weekly SUPER SUMMER SCHEDULE, please do! Emily at Remarkable Home will not mind, I'm sure of it! Let me know if you do want to join. I'm always willing to do things with other people!

Have a good night, y'all!


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    1. You should! We can do it together even though we're in different cities!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm your newest follower! That supply cake is TOO cute! Love the shadowbox idea, too. That's been on my "to-do" list for a while since we go to lots of concerts and sporting events (tickets galore!), but I'll just admire yours until I find motivation. ;) Welcome to blogging - maybe we (as newbies) can conquer Bloggyville together!

    Teaching Maddeness
    Drop by for my 100 follower giveaway!

    1. Hi Amanda! Thanks for following me and for the welcome. I look forward to reading more of your posts on your blog!


  3. I love the summer schedule! So far I have Monday make it and Thursday's go somewhere trip. This is a great way to make the summer fun and productive!

    1. It's all thanks to Emily! I love it though because it gives me an excuse to have ME TIME in all the craziness that my summer is going to be! Love that you are participating in a way, too.


  4. Great blog! I'm also a SAHM vlogger. My YouTube channel name is "Surviving As Mom". Please check it out :-)


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