Monday, June 11, 2012

simple day

I began a volunteer project today for one of my classes over the summer. I don't officially start until next Monday, but I am so excited. I will be teaching one incoming 4th grader and one incoming 5th grader, so two children total. I love the fact that I get this opportunity, as I will be teaching them in math and language arts... one subject I'm super comfortable with and one subject I'm not so comfortable with.

I then spent the rest of the day going through a folder I have titled "Pinterest Education" and started printing out things from the folder to put into binders for when I actually have my own classroom one day. I plan to sort everything out by subject (which is what I'm doing now) and then plan on putting these all in separate binders by subject, in alphabetical order. Am I crazy? I sure am! But, I'll be organized in my own little way.

Also, I stopped at Target today. Have you ever been to their $1.00 bins? Oh my gosh! This is my favorite spot in the entire store... I've been going to Target for forever and started checking out these bins about a year ago. Every time I go in, I make sure to check out the bins. I get things like binder clips, stickers, and recently have had an obsession with getting notepads and little bins to put treats, pencils, and other supplies in. I have also developed an extreme obsession with shells/anchors/the beach simply because I love the beach. I am a beach bum at heart, even though I live nowhere near the beach. I just love it because I've gone to the beach once a year for 22 years. We used to go to Wildwood, NJ, every year, but stopped when my grandparents sold their beach house. That was a sad day...

Just a little glimpse into how much of a water baby my sister and I are!

Anyway, that's how my life has been today! Just a bunch of errands and obsessions. It's crazy what you find out about yourself when you shop (how organized I really am!).

Hope your day was as refreshing as mine!

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