Sunday, June 24, 2012

sunday share..

Since I've joined the bloggy world, I've won TWO giveaways!! Ahhhh, I am so excited!! I won the giveaway at Rebecca's blog titled The Teacher's Chatterbox and the giveaway at Jackie's blog titled Third Grade's A Charm! They are both AMAZING women and have great blogs - make sure to check them out!

Beyond that - it's been a lazy Sunday! I didn't do much today but more homework (ahhh...) and shop at Target (dangerous!). Tomorrow starts week 2 of my SUPER SUMMER SCHEDULE! I cannot wait to see what this week brings me.

I'm calling today "Sunday Share." Below are just a few pictures of my typical life. I just wanted to throw some pictures out there to let y'all get a glimpse into the life of Sara (or Miss V)!

This is one of the gardens my mother has in the backyard. This one is a representation of my father, who passed away when I was 19 in 2010. Him and my mother are my two best friends, so it was definitely a hard moment to go through in life. But, I know he's looking down and watching me!

This is the baby outside. He does NOT know how to leave plants alone, which is also my other "baby." My mother loves, loves, LOVES gardening, so I decided I wanted to pick a plant out for myself and I've kept it ever since then.

I've become obsessed with anchors with Cody, my boyfriend, being in the Coast Guard. Normally, anchors stand for the Navy, but they can also stand for the Coast Guard! This is a keychain I bought and I absolutely love it.

Cody and I went to Busch Gardens when I was down there in early June. We were able to feed giraffes! This is one of the giraffes that we fed.. well, the only one we fed, and she was a doll. Very needy!

I was driving home not too long ago and came across this on the side of the highway. I've always wanted to go up into a hot air balloon, so it was really cool to see this so close to me!

Socks has adopted this box as his new home. When he's not sleeping on my lap, playing fetch with his soft balls, he's hiding in here from me!

This was me as a little girl - boy, was I cute or what?! Who am I kidding.. I'm still cute!! I loved being outside when I was little, but now, not so much... have to work on that one.

A couple of my sorority sisters and I went out on a senior outing as seniors at UC and we went to a place called Paint by the Glass. You do a painting of your choice while you have a few glasses of wine. It was sooo much fun and as you can see, I'm a little kid at heart, SO I decided to paint a picture of the ocean! It's typically meant for children to paint, but I loved it so I just had to do it. The picture below is the finished project :]

On the last few days of my internship, I made a few gifts for my mentor teacher. I got this idea off Pinterest here. I absolutely love the way it turned out that I believe I'll be making one for when I become a real teacher in my own classroom!!

If I am outside, I love to be by the pool. This is a picture of the veranda outside Cody's pool when he lived in Florida. This just shows how gorgeous the weather was there, and how pretty the complex was.

Again, here's the baby. Obviously, I'm obsessed with him, too. I'm one happy momma! As I am typing this, by the way, he is cuddled up to my right arm to the point where I am only able to type with my left hand! Talk about Momma's boy!

To go along with my love of being by the pool... I love being by the beach that much more. Over Spring Break, I had Cody take me to the beach in Clearwater to watch the sunset. I LOVE sunsets and we met his sister and her boyfriend there, too. We were walking along the beach and Cody found this heart made from shells! How adorable, right?

 If you know me, you know I have two tattoos. I have one tattoo on my front left hip that says "Live Laugh Love" - I also have another one on my right shoulder blade. This one says "Strength & Courage" - these are both of the two quotes that I live by daily. I believe that if you employ all of those emotion words, you will be incredibly happy. Anyway... I believe I'll be getting this flower as a tattoo on my left shoulder blade with my daddy's initials on one of the petals. I think this is an absolutely gorgeous flower and I adore the color.
Finally, this is half of my sorority family. The woman on the far left is Jennifer. She's my grand little. In the middle, that's my little Melanie. Of course, on the end, is me. I don't know where the other half was at, but these girls mean the world to me. They are amazing women, so bright, fun, and caring. I hope that we stay close as a family, even though I've graduated! Love you girls :]

And well, that's me! I'll be back tomorrow with my Make It Monday! See ya then!

Have a good night, y'all!

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