Monday, October 29, 2012

5 for Five - {Week 3} & GIVEAWAY Announcement

We're on Week 3 for 5 for Five with Jenn & Jessica!

I did TERRIBLE last week. Oh gee.. (Red goals = not met, green goals = met)

1. Walk once a day for 15 minutes.
I didn't walk once a day BUT I did walk for 2 1/2 hours one day! Therefore, I'm saying this was accomplished!

2. Organize MOST of my Pinterest boards.
Not even attempted...

3. Research things about mutual funds so I know what I want to sign up for when I go meet with an analyst.
Yes! Talked to my new friend Esther and figured out some things :)

4. Create at LEAST 5 different new products for my TPT store.
I created 3! Close... yet so far away.

5. Finish my school work through November 11th.
Almost... have two more assignments that I'm working on today!

Soo.. another fail. 2 out of 5. This week WILL be better.

1. Call apartments to figure out availability for when we move.
Since we're moving in 18 days (YAY!), I'm going to call around for apartment availability so we know what's what when we get down there!

2. Call all the schools up here to ask about removal from sub list.
I'm on roughly 9 districts sub lists, so I need to call around and ask to be removed since I obviously won't be subbing for schools in Ohio when we're in Alabama.

3. Get ALL assignments done for one of the Masters classes.
One of my classes only has 3 more assignments due to "finish" the class. SO, I'm going to work on these assignments this week to knock the class out of the picture.

4. Organize my hodge-podge Education Pinterest board.
Baby steps. I have my hodge-podge Education board with close to 2,000 pins that are just all mixed together.. all subjects, classroom management, teacher resources, etc. So, organize it and get it done!

5. Move things from the Green Room to the storage unit.
I HAVE to start moving things so I can make room for stuff that I haven't packed yet.

What are your goals? Go link up!

Tomorrow is the first day of my 500 Follower Giveaway! Make sure you come on by to check it out - there are 45 different things up for grabs. WOOHOO! The giveaway goes LIVE at 12:01 AM tonight!

Have a good day, y'all!


  1. Thanks for linking up with us again! It's okay that you didn't have a perfect week- it happens! I'm so glad that you're joining us again though! You've got some great goals set for this week! I think my favorite is cleaning up the pinterest board- that just sounds fun ;)

    Good luck this week and I can't wait to come enter your giveaway tomorrow!! :)

  2. Organizing pinterest boards can be really obnoxious. It's like if you didn't think your boards through when you started pinning to them, well then good luck getting them organized after there's a zillion pictures pinned!

  3. This is a really great post! I really like your blog.

  4. Thanks for linking up again! 2 out of 5 isn't a TOTAL failure, but I hope this week goes better for you! Thanks for linking up!!


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