Saturday, October 20, 2012

Giveaway HELP!?

Ahhhh, I am sooo excited, y'all!

I hit 500 followers not too long ago and I'm gearing up for my 500 follower giveaway! There's been some planning for a few days and at this exact moment, I have 27 of my teacher bloggy friends (including myself) ready to make this giveaway a HUUUUUGE one to remember!

But, I'd love to add some more bloggy friends (whether you're a teacher or not!) to this amazing giveaway.

If you are interested, please leave me a comment on this post OR e-mail me at - either one works for me!! Regardless, I'll get back in touch with you ASAP.

There's going to be TOOOOONS of goodies up for grabs... and let's just say, I'm jealous that I cannot enter this giveaway! The winners (yes, plural!) will be walking away with some fantastic things.

On a side note, thank you all for your help & support thus far. Whether you read daily, once a week, once a month, you all have supported me in one way or another and I really appreciate each and every one of you. This journey would not be possible without you all.

Have a good day, y'all!


  1. Congratulations! I would love to donate a product for your giveaway! You can email me at and I'll send you the link to my product.


  2. I can

  3. I'm willing to help. I'll give away my November Packet.

    Learning is for Superstars

  4. Congratsssss on 500, ma'am!! THat is awesome :)

  5. I'd love to help. I'll donate anyone product from my TpT store.
    Congrats on 500!
    A BLT adventure

  6. I'd love to help out.


  7. I would love to help too! They can pick whatever they would like from my TPT store! =) Congrats on reaching 500!


  8. Way to go on the 500 follower milestone! I'd be happy to donate anything they'd like from my TPT store!

    :) Antonia @ forkin4th

  9. I would love to help you out!

    The Hive

  10. I would love to help as well. I'm really new and don't have a lot and they can pick whatever they want from my store if that works for you.
    Congrats on 500 followers! What a milestone...

    Stephanie Ann
    Sparkling in Third Grade

  11. Congrats, friend! I will give a 300x100 blog spot for 2 months :)


I love love love receiving comments. I read each and every one of them! I also will try to respond to each one.. either on here or through e-mail! LOVE YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART <3

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